• About Us

    Web design studio DiArt makes websites worlwide since 2007, but recent renovation started in 2013 with moving to Europe (Kyiv, Ukraine).

    We have substantial experience in the web development and support of Internet projects of various thematic and complexity.

    By cooperating with us, you will receive quality services, professional approach and conscientious attitude towards the work done.

    Quality built Websites

    We can help your company to raise it's prestige and reputation.

    With each passing day, more and more companies will learn about you and your business. As a consequence, you will increase the number of your partners, distribution channels and the acquisition of products and, of course, your income. Funds invested in the Website, will pay off very soon and will bring you profit.

    Activities of Web design studio "DiArt" aims at:

    1) Creating quality websites
    2) Website promotion
    3) Website support

    There are no impossible tasks for us - we always find the correct and most profitable solution for you and your business.

  • Services

    We offer you:

    Quality websites creation:
    ☀ Professional design
    ☀ Handwritten code
    ☀ Easy navigation
    ☀ Copy Protection system (Copyrighting)

    Professional website promotion:

    ☀ Get on the first page of search engines by the keyword or phrase
    ☀ Worldwide search engines registration.


    Guaranteed website support:

    ☀ Guaranteed subsequent support
    ☀ We provide professional hosting
    ☀ Free unlimited bandwidth
    ☀ Help with Domain register and domain support
    ☀ Transfer Domain from other providers
    ☀ Full service Backup
    ☀ Website monitoring and analysis
    ☀ We offer email services
    ☀ Website content support
    ☀ Website design support
    ☀ Individual approach to each client

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  • New generation Web Design

    We develop only modern Websites based on HTML5.

    Not far ago, HTML5 and CSS3 seemed to be matter of the future, but today we are in DiArt, using these technologies in our work on regular basis. HTML5 and CSS3 technologies lay the foundation for the next generation of web applications. Sites created using these technologies have the flexibility and responsiveness that allows to adapt to any screen size, whether its iPad, iPhone, PC, laptop or Android smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, HTML5 websites are very beautiful, have attractive design and functionality, and last but not least more popular within users.

    CSS3 - the newest standard of special effects for Websites

    CSS3 is the newest standard of web development, that greatly extends the functionality possibilities of web programming languages and allows to realize the most modern visual effects on your website. Using CSS3, Web design studio DiArt, can create such attractive effects like transparent backgrounds, gradients and shadows; use the original fonts are not usually employed in the network; implement animation on Websites without using Flash; pop-ups as in the regular operating system; the possibility to personalize the Website design without the use of JavaScript, and much more.

  • Contacts

    Web Design Studio "DiArt"

    Kyiv, UKRAINE


    (098) 768-11-99

    (093) 497-75-76

    (066) 990-34-82

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  • Three rules for website promotion

    1. Website promotion can not be cheap

    Many SEO companies are trying to entice potential clients deliberately understated the cost of services to promote your site.
    Web site promotion - is not just buying links. It is a set of activities, which includes analysis of both, your website and competitors' websites, besides - a competent optimization, and even link building is a painstaking and delicate process works.

    2. There are no Guarantees of bringing website to Google TOP page

    All "guarantees" that your site for a certain amount and after a certain time will appear on the first page of Google or Bing - is deception! There is no single person who has complete knowledge and information about how the search engine algorithms works, moreover, ranking algorithms are being constantly improved. Also take into account that on the first page only 10 or 20 link positions and each website that seats on TOP page has it's own SEO specialist who who has his own ways and methods of promoting websites. There is no guarantee that even if your website will reach the first page, it will not fall back tomorrow due to competitor's changes in strategy.

    3. It is impossible to promote website in 1 month

    There are plenty of online agencies that promise you to put your website on TOP of Google just within a month... Its a Big Fat Lie! Cheating is taking place and here is what will happen. Within a month those agencies will really bring on your website to the first page by the so-called low-frequency queries and queries with very low competition. But finding the site by the phrases in the TOP does not appear to increase the number of clients.

    Real numbers

    Depending on the level of competition phrases, some websites will appear in the TOP page at the end of 2nd month, after subscription to the Promotion services, other websites after the 3rd month, etc. The timing of promotion is also affected by age of the website - the younger website, the longer the process of promotion. The optimal period of website promotion is 6 months. The first results of promotion (growth position of the website, the entry in the index as well as first calls of potential) will be after the first month.

  • Website promotion and support - why is it so important?

    Website promotion.

    Many site owners do not understand the importance of this process. This is facilitated by a variety of factors, but most elementary is lack of information or even unwillingness to get it.

    Suppose website is already there and works. The company provides services or sells goods. But, your website is low Seen, not many people coming to it. You are not on the first page of search engine.
    How to start selling? How to increase sales? How to find new customers? How to beat the competition?

    The answer is - you have to find people on the Internet, and as much as possible. Advertising company should be well organized, and all the text and pictures on the website must be optimized. That is what experts in website promotion do. In fact, it is the promotion of business professionals in the network. You will get success if you hire professionals, and not a company that offers a one-time promotion.

    Website support.

    Sometimes you can spend a lot of money on Website promotion of sites. But to raise the website to the TOP of search engine - that's half the battle, it is important to keep it there, thus increasing the popularity of the company and its profits. This is due to the fact that the number of users on the website will increase significantly if constant work will be done by professionals. So if your company wants farther growth, it is necessary not only to promote your website, but also to Support it. Support typically includes a set of services, such as. Domain registration and support, transfer domains from other hosting, backup, realtime website monitoring, content support, design support and others.

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